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Project Newplex - The New Standard

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After years of supporting the font needs of CAD users, we decided to step back and take a hard look at the fonts being supplied with the most popular software. We researched what characters sets were being offered and which special characters most users were requesting. As a member of the Unicode® Consortium, we evaluated how these character additions would best conform to this worldwide standard. By meticulously examining hundreds of fonts from the industry's best designers, we learned what techniques would create fonts that offered the best features for CAD users.

After four years of exhaustive research, code development, and user feedback, we're announcing "Project Newplex - The New Standard".

Project Newplex Keyboard Characters

The Latest in Character Designs
Advanced Readability Features

Project Newplex Special Characters

The Most Requested Special Characters
Includes centerline, propertyline, boundary line, flow line, subs/sups, ©, ®, fractions, square foot and many more.

Project Newplex International Characters

An Exhaustive International Character Set

"I have been looking for this type of font solution for the last 20 years. It makes it easy to read and know the information that was put into the original drawing. Everyone who creates or uses CAD drawings should take a look at this as the solution to clear, readable text and numbers for technical documentation and drawings." - Gary Rohrabaugh -

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Here's what you get:
 • Free Upgrades
 • "Project Newplex" SHX
 • "Project Newplex" Truetype
(Mtext Editor or Windows program)
 • PDF Manual
 • PDF Quick Reference Cards


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For quantities over 250, contact TC Fonts.

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